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Rufus Snoddy moved to Northern Michigan over a decade ago from Los Angeles, California. While an adolescent, his family moved to L.A. from rural East Texas in the late 1950's. Watching Los Angeles go from street cars and Hollywood bungalows to freeways and gated communities, gave impetus to his sensitivity to change and perception of place. Growing up in the inner city, where there were often over a hundred languages spoken in a given high school, lent an awareness and keen interest in texture.
Snoddy's work reflects a concert of approaches, materials, and dichotomy, striving for seamless shifting from  one to the other. "It is's is both." More accurately he calls his work Construction Paintings.
With a graduate degree focusing on sculpture, Snoddy has spent many years pursuing the act of collecting sundry materials, construction and painting methods. These things, all for the passion of giving order to chaos in enticing ways.
"I have traveled and exhibited in various places in the world. I find that wherever I go there is a common visual language, some more visually literate than others. Visual art continues to be a reflection of man, his activities and environment, much like the cave paintings of thousands of years ago. I see myself as just another messenger, hopefully, with an innovative perspective."
Rufus resides and works in Traverse City, Michigan. He continues to exhibit throughout the United States and other countries.

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